How To Enable CXML Support

CXML is a data exchange format for so-called faceted views which can be displayed by programs like the HTML5 PivotViewer.

For best results, the result of the query should contain links to images associated with described data and follow some rules, described in the User's Guide.

This feature is supported by combination of the following components:

  1. The sparql_cxml VAD package for generating CXML output (required)
  2. The ImageMagick plugin (version 0.6 or newer) for manipulating images (required)
  3. The QRcode plugin (version 0.1 or newer) for generating qrcodes (optional)
  4. The html5pivotviewer VAD package for viewing CXML queries (optional)

As soon as the required components are installed, the SPARQL web service endpoint will add the "CXML" option to the list of available formats.

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